Our Solutions

Integrated Benefits Solutions, Inc. (IBS), is a business to consumer insurance agency that delivers insurance and benefit information to individuals, families and businesses who are in need of quality information.

With over 20 years of experience, Integrated Benefits Solutions, Inc. provides quality products and services to our clients. IBS, Inc. uses state-of-the-art on-line systems to facilitate a comprehensive search and review of leading companies and products in many areas.

Integrated Benefits Solutions, Inc. is not owned by any insurance company, therefore we provide objective information to consumers and businesses. Our business is to help them make informed decisions about their overall needs. Our service is available to all California residents and 17 other states. Please call our toll free number with inquiries.

Business Benefits quickly become outdated.

We work with our clients to solve their "Benefit Basics Problems" in a tax and budget leveraged platform. We also provide programmed review and support to ensure benefits do not become outdated.

Family Protection is an ever-changing challenge we all face.

Our multi-stage and tax-leveraged options are the solution to protecting those most important to us.

Businesses and families are burdened with the health care and income replacement burden.

We work with families and businesses to provided ONGOING support with targeted products and personal support.

Day to day business operations seldom include protecting key individuals, including ownership.

We provide guidance with solving for business continuity challenges.

Retirement, mid-term and short-term planning is often blended into a mess.

We address ALL phases with tax-leveraged income planning to solve complicated business and family cash flow problems.