David is extremely knowledgeable. He speaks clearly and explains plans fully and always looks to customer's best interest over personal gain. David comes up with great solutions and is an asset at all estate planning sessions.

20-year client Encino, CA

While assisting me with understanding life insurance, David's responses were prompt and thoughtful, and he was incredibly responsive and communicative. He is very easy to deal with. I recommend him often.

7-year client Pasadena, CA

David is a fantastic business man with a fantastic staff. His knowledge is unparalleled. David can relate to business owners and what they are looking for and he makes efficient use of time so I can concentrate on my own business. His solutions allows us to attract and retain employees.

19-year client West Covina, CA

David is leaps and bounds more experienced in the technical aspects and nuances of the business. If insurance were brain surgery, David would be a surgeon, most other insurance agents are dermatologists. He really knows his stuff - top 1% in knowledge in his field. He's hands-on and visits us in person regularly.

20-year client Encino, CA

David is really trustworthy. He provides good advice and he watches out for your financial interests. He's focused on long-term relationships and works hard to make sure you are happy.

20-year client Seal Beach, CA